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Since 1981, Hedahl & Radtke Family Law Center has provided comprehensive and caring family law representation. Our North Carolina law firm is dedicated to helping individuals understand their legal circumstances and take appropriate action. We take the necessary time to discuss the legal system, the law and how specific factors can affect your case. Our in-depth preparation is designed to help you understand basic principles of the law, so you can make informed decisions at every stage that are best for your case.

Our senior family law attorney, Debra J. Radtke, is one of Cumberland County's two Board Certified Family Law Specialists. With more than 30 years of experience, she has helped countless individuals pursue the best and most creative resolutions to their complex legal matters. Our law practice includes:

Military Divorce Representation

Our extensive experience includes helping active and retired Fort Bragg personnel or their spouses stationed here, overseas, or at another post with cases in Cumberland County. Our legal team has been providing guidance and representation for military divorces for more than 30 years. We understand the unique circumstances and laws that can affect military members and their families.

Preserving Family Relationships

As dedicated divorce lawyers, we understand the benefits of maintaining dignity during divorce proceedings. We are committed to keeping things as civil as possible, all the while protecting our clients' positions. Family law issues can have win-win solutions — the key is knowing how to approach separation and divorce in a way that preserves family relationships.

Cumberland County has mandatory mediation for specific issues. We are a family court district, providing mediation for property division and custody issues. At Hedahl & Radtke Family Law Center, we understand that mediation enables both parties to create resolutions without going to trial. Mediation can also enable you to arrive at decisions peacefully, so you can preserve and protect your family relationships.

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From our office in Fayetteville, North Carolina, we provide diligent family law representation for individuals throughout Cumberland County, including military personnel or their spouses stationed here, overseas, or at another post with cases in Cumberland County. To talk to an attorney about your situation, call us today at 910-401-2148. For our clients' convenience, we also accept e-mails.